Finding Love

I love blank spaces,
I find them as a chance to write about,
This heart yearning to love,
I love unoccuppied heart,
I find it as a chance to fall in love,
If I come across it one day,
Maybe on this path to a stream,
And we seem to attract
Like we mantain eye contact as if we have met before,
Like we coincidentally want to bypass through each other even though the path is wide,
She forgets fetching water,
And let the pot rest on the sides,
The place becomes my destiny and
her drawing ground

I wish she be with artistic antics,
Who knows to draw a falling in love symbol with her left leg
I Wish we get drawn to each other!
Standing under this aging tree,
Looking at the falling leaves,
A heart yearning to love is like a leave detached, it will always fall…
This day I won’t choose class,
We are all blind in a love class and the tutor only uses drawings

Guessing on my pickup line,

I will start like,
Hello, Am The Famous Vel…my work leave people in flames , even though am nothing near fame
Then I will wink at her,
Then wait till her smile cools,
Then I will throw a joke,
This time I want to see her happy tears,
I want to break her ribs,
Uncover them,
I will stare at them as they move,
up and downwards then sides,
I know how my ribs move,
If they move just like mine,
I will tell she was made out of me,
So she was made for me,
Finding love is finding someone,
Who was a creation for you
Somehow body reaction rhyme…



Glowing Memories

About last week


Being in my primary school ” Lugz” was never a seasonal thing. The lessons and the memories I still hold inspire..
They call it a place for successful people and It is true, the people am still intouch with are doing pretty cool.
The memories stand out and they like glow inside me….This is out of you beauty and if I had you,
I won’t be counting 7 years out of sight and stuck in my mind
I won’t read your blog daily, I will be there as you write
There in your mind ,listene to your words before they travel to paper and again cornfirm in your echoes
Your creative ideas don’t hit the wall, they hit their purpose and bounce back in echoes
If I had you, I will
Try holding the pen like you do,
even though am right when writing

If I had you, we will squeeze the air between us, scramble for space
Just to reduce proximity

I will
Snatch your book and make a funny face
Maybe you will ask me, if the idea is breathtaking
Am sure I will be sufforcating!
And I will nolonger keep it as a secrete, I will say you are smart & creative
Picture me, this is not out of pretence,
Am not trying to be poetic or to win your attention

If I had you
I won’t text today and wait to say hi tommorrow
We will chat face to face daily
I will not check your whatsapp status, I will stand infront of you behind the camera, wink first and take random pics till you say they are good
You know am captured in every captione of you

Everything was pretty while young and I was not ready to choose
What if I was courageous to tell you,
maybe it could turn out just like the other stories they call love
Maybe it is perfect to be friends who rarely talk but think about each other everytime

I thought this is all I can give, I now feel it is nothing measured to what you deserve;
I wish you get your dreams in golden form
I wish you remember we started naive planting ideas on paper and encouraged ourselves
I wish you get the courage to call my phone
I wish you get the idea to put my name Vel in pieces of you

I can forget classmates,roommates
but I will never forget those who stole my thoughts and time , those who nearly became soulmates
I remember the day you gave me a broom with a smile, I took them both and stored the smile!
Rosaries hanging in your neck then extend below your —
As always you were a staunch christian
I need to know how to forget such a memory, the same way you forgot to place me on duty; I know you don’t remember this!
Thank you for being number one fan!

Unknown Call From A Friend

cont from last week(

The times you are alone in a room or even walking on this lonely path, not lonelylonely! Because there people who are strangers to you, then remembering that funny friend of yours makes you smile or even better you laugh. Even though they may think, this is a new mad person in the village, that is the best moment of your life; we are never alone even in solitude ,recalling people who knew your value and made sense out of this confusing world is a way of conversing with them.

I remember that time, I just befriended because I was afraid of being alone. This did not work out, maybe friends should come naturally. They don’t come because of what we have , if so, then simply they love what they lack.

So I was calling old friends the other day,
I was connecting dots on the wall of memories, dots that once were a full picture called friends.
I took my old phonebook, refreshed the contacts, wiped what I can call dust.This was intentionally, for them to relate to our old good. I dialled atleast every old friend, I mean the friends that my memory still touches.

There are those I never needed introduction ,they became relatives of my voice and were like “I have missed you” those I introduced myself and were like long time besty!Those with short stories.
Those with long stories with duplicates, they are able of asking you a question and answering it. Some are historians by nature, they only talk about the past.Those who just ignored my signal; they don’t take strange numbers and those who true called against my number.

Many of my girlfriend’s voices were still the same , I got to understand that only people’s hearts are broken!
I know some relationships don’t hold no more for various reasons, for instance you made promises that now seem impossible to keep. Maybe beautiful ones have been born and you nolonger need your old lover or we related only because we were relatives of the situation because I now call after three years and the stories do not fit our state.

Some relationships are very short because the partner’s goal sometimes is achieved faster than normally, note this-when you meet someone or interact, they are full of mystery that you want to discover every minute, you will want to know how many seconds one takes between inhaling and exhaling. After sometime everything about the person becomes normal and you nolonger find the person as magic.
Whatever the reaction you guys are great!!!

Next week: This will be out this world!
Being in my primary school ” Lugz” was never a seasonal thing. The lessons and the memories I still hold inspire…If this comes your way ,I don’t forget friends, that is me!

Pen droplets

Am using this pen hoping, I will paint your life with different colours of reality at the end.
Ideas come anytime and this got me the last time I was in class. As they say, my mind was somewhere else. It is this afternoon you wish you were just swimming; even if it is a proff teaching, ideas can’t just sink in your head. As I think of writing this, I want to gift you something that you will read with mixed feelings of loving and hating the truth.I aim at what will make you believe, I mean every character that drops from this pen. I write this because it is the only way nature allowed me to. I write this few words to show that I have many words unsaid. Words that keep on leaking ideas that bursts to be incredible. So dear reader, If I did not achieve my goal, it is only that all the time we aim beautiful ones not yet born, we aim the stars but get lost in the clouds…

This will be next;
We all have friends we love. What are friends for? If you have ever wondered! Maybe are those people who are around us always but whom we are unable to describe, those ones you go to movies and football together or friends are literally our secrete storages as long as we stick as friends. If so, I would like some of my friends to be permanent storages. In some situations girl and boy friends are secrete lovers; I mean for them it took long to be friends but it is not late to be soulmates.
Some of our so said friends walk around with chests that give random uncoloured hugs ,when we clearly know, they still carry a chest with a heart that does not care. Some got plastic smiles that escaped ban.

To be cont…


Heavy clouds moving slowly

They ration sunrays

They form shapes of danger, from east

to west as the region’s surface is shared

The residents now hope they remain

Children voices are heard wishing the
rain away

Lightening is frightening,
Children engulfs their mothers as thunderstorms warn them to shelter

The sky starts leaking and suddenly it bursts again
Heavy droplets threatens to bring down the room

They have already had enough,

Experience is the best teacher & they have had their lesson

Swimming pools everywhere but not for recreation

Rivers don’t hold what they have no more

River banks broke and are destroying farmers investment in crops

Free flood irrigation and farmers don’t like it

Weather man nolonger has message of hope, he says it will not stop till it’s reign of power is over

Travelling is at your own risk or maybe you can fly

The fish died because it got lost in the confusion and became a delicacy to starving residents
Relief food was to come but the roads became a barrier

Goats wished they were marine animals, they had to die after the water swept them away
It is natural but we can reduce risks

This cannot happen in cities especially in a capital city, where is the huge allocation of billions or that ain’t capital to be used
If drainage can’t be fixed then pay for us swimming lessons

What I Became!

The Vel

Street no option

I got this song that reminds me of you,

describes you and you loved it

This is not the only memory I hold of you
Am always generous that is what you taught me!

I bought football boots and a ball, they rest on the right side of my bed

Though lost interest ,

I sometimes use them when doing footworks because we could play and cheer together for our teams

After three days of your absence ,

you were seen in Kisumu city , after

three days of searching we couldn’t find your presence ,

that was the end of us to you

Have you grown just like me? , do you
have a family on the street? were you

adopted by a tycoon and now you are richer than my dreams!

Are you a football star as you always hoped to be?

ARE you even alive??

You were mistreated by someone who
never belonged on your family photo,

someone step to a mother who only came to fill up a gap left by a true mother,

she smiled when you disappeared to blind our tears

As each night comes fear engulfs my being

am worried of your safety,
Is this cold consuming him

does he sleep on an empty stomach on a cold floor

What about the dreams we had ,your

little brother asks me about you and am

unable to draw you in words,

You kept
our neighbourhood alive…This memories

are too much and now they leave me

with only hope, am only wishing you come back….

What I became!

Beautiful stranger

I met you at the watching room,

you were standing and I had to offer a seat,

we were all attached on the favourite show that was always emotional due to the themes ,

opportunist is not my hue but that was a chance to redeam my status

Currently my body is beyond control,

I see you but I don’t have the courage
I was desperate that time and I could
do anything to have you,

sure enough you
failed my strong desire and I had to learn to let go.

It was good to be jelous sometime

but it was not worth it going in the war for a person already taken and even maybe fighting for a person who has a baby with another man,

you now got a baby daughter you keep posting on every social media platform that you love the little human the same way I could have loved you.

I wanted to write this piece without being affected by my emotions but as soon as my pen is in my hands am overcomed,

you could have told me earlier to keep off from your player antics but I don’t hate you girl you were an angel before you became what you are!

No grudges but I still observe you maybe one day you will keep the so called promises of our friendship,

you promised me it will be beatiful right,that you will be there for me sure,and now we glance at each other as if we are strangers,

to me you remain to be a beautiful stranger.

I know one thing,that status change people

is it that you are now acting rich but how can you forget someone who cared for you when you were in rags,

I could feel you and try so that we can daily eat with relish.

Symbol of love

I don’t know what made you to buy this necklace,

it is now owned by my heart not even my neck,

how it rests on my chest the same way you do and it is now in my heart the same way you reside in it.

Is it a symbol of what we have or simply a gift ,

is it secretely talking about our future ,you and I

Sometimes I just cross my hands and hold it tightly as I reminisce ,are you just near than I think,does this necklace represent your presence?

It was made in a special manner just like your fine figure,am not remembering and I can’t allow anyone to remind me about loosing it…not now ,

if I loose it I loose you, not now I will be with it for life…

Who are you?

You sat next to me in the taxi and the first thing that hit my mind is that we were headed to the same destiny.

I know nothing about you except the eye catching appearance,the sexiest voice and the name that summarises your beauty.

The perfume that you had applied set the right and the most needed atmosphere in the small machine that occupied us.

I had to say hi! because I could not withstand the urge.

Having broken the silence we conversed all the way until you alighted.

You pronounced your name and now I can’t get over it, it keeps ringing in my mind.

We share most interests and I felt as if our interests got married for the time I spent with you.

I never asked about your personal issues because it was just not the right time to tackle that.

It was fulfilling to hear that you have completed your studies and you are looking for a job.

This even gives me hope on you,am not yet settled since that day.

Hey, probaly you have nobody right now and all you need is someone who will definetely aid you to destiny.

whom together you own a future,a life of opulence.

To include love in your diet and cherish forever.Who are you?

I would love to get the answer primarily not from any other person,

we can arrange and maybe meet at the great cafe.

Have a time just you and I away from noise and everyday blues.

My crush

I first saw you at supermarket, the cute smile then a short introduction,

a beautiful name just as you are…I bet I gambled addressing the crowd in reality I had already fallen for you
on that day you were more than a crush

Jelous consumed anyone who caught,

our sight as we walked away from the supermarket ,good thing chance of love

chit chatting of our past memories in school,as we avoid eye contact and if any a rare one,then u snatched my phonebook to save your contact

It is vivid I can narrate every story we shared,I wished to grab you into my arms put soft touches but no final touches to your fine figure use that chance to whisper sweet smelling words direct from my mouth,

embrace you and finalise with a soft kiss to act as a life mark.

For sure I still remember the last glance you gave me.

The goodbye from ur lips as I turned to ur friends to say bye…the video is fresh in my mind as you dissappeared consumed into the mkt…

I assume u are still there because I waited for you to come back to me in vain

one in a million ,phrase used more than a million times,to you it is still relevant co you stand out among billion girls ,

your value has no price tags because without you money looses its meaning,you are a special award and the only nominee is me ,

my heart granted but one promise,you will never treat it as your name suggests…don’t break it into pieces coz we are one piece….lets exist in peace