She loves her

When it was four months to go,

She named it legit,

She thought of travelling away,

Go places where the society won’t demand answers for her child,

She never wanted a society that will call her child illegitimate,

She loves her like the air she breaths,

She loves her and she wants that to be answers to all the questions the little soul will ever ask,

An antidote flower in her life that reminds her of pain and heals her,

The small lips smiles and she knows after nine months it was much ready for her,

She wants to watch her grow

Be able to look into someone’s eye and say no,

The little girl reminds her of being strong,

She wants to raise a girl like that,

Wake up another day, go raise some money…

It is a new day

It is a new day,
His text yesterday also seemed new,
He said go to Hell

Replying to the text won’t change the hell to heaven

Love you till the end, ended very soon and you thinking that for the journey you both called a relationship,

You never agreed with him even when you said ‘i love you’

And when you meet his crew and they laugh,

You will pretend to be fine,
You thinking to taste another brand of drink,

That which can cause amnesia,
That which can drown your feelings and thoughts,

You are on a new journey now,
You want to meet healing on the way,

You want to leave some addictions for life…

A thousand hugs

We all have special people whom we say bye to, something for them. Every morning I look in the eastside just to confirm if you still there because
I believe you are my sunshine…
What do I mean by eastside
As the sun rises it shows it will set,I feel there is a time when it will rise and it will mean nothing because I will no longer look in the eastside…
That is why, am afraid and I don’t know about you
Am afraid because time is no medicine, it won’t heal me when you are gone,
It is silent, I don’t know what it is up to,
Am afraid next time you won’t be
Around and that will pain me,
I know we don’t talk much but you know how I wish we could speak out our minds and even just start reading them…
I wish my next thoughts will be about you that is how I have a peace of mindI wrote something about you,
Before we could introduce ourselves,
That is what poets do…I had the piece but I was not sure what your reaction will be
I scrapped it off…
It is hard to be a linguist, I have tried And that is what prevents you from being my cousin…And I know
I never became your tribemate when you asked me about it,
But I was more willing to be a soulmate,
And even forget about tribemate right now, I just want to be your soulmate,
When you start caring you start loving,
That is the reason am doing this,What relationship do you have with butterflies, is it beauty?
Because I stomach them every time I see you!
This anxiousness from nowhere, lack of words…and I have always wanted to say this….but
Is it rude that till now!
I havent said you beautiful,
At least your mirror tells you without shouting,
Am like that mirror…My personality kills me every time I try shouting,I belong in that person, who loves by avoiding eye contacts,
Who comes in contact if its your will!
Who will contact just to say one word “hi”
I believe my lips carry more words in their smiles than what my tongue can ever let out,
So read my lips…
What about I say “I love you”
Even though I know you won’t believe in it, but
I have a big heart that keeps me alive,
A heart that already accommodates you,
When you go, let not our connection be finished,
That day we hug,
Leave me a thousand unused hugs but am sure they won’t be enough, I will still miss you
Kiss me goodbye and let the lips alone move not your legs,
Dont just walk away,#vellovesyou#withmuthoni#poetrytotheworld#blogging

Oduor from the government

My president is fighting graft tooth and nail, but his cabinet is still eating,
My leaders have made their positions of power a family business and nepotism is now used to hold families together…
Tribalism has become a defense mechanism to those who loot public funds,
My country’s economy is ailing and the leaders are injecting money in their pockets, and the situation is sickening
Media houses care to report about the sick healthcare but really, they report what is a hard pill to swallow,
Maybe we don’t need change in currency we need change in the current state of the nation,
My leaders are not only thinking about the next general election but are also talking about it in the public eyes,
My people do not have a vision,
My fellow youths only get employed and earn pennies at general elections,
My fellow youths know how to choose leaders wisely but it is a dillema to choose between a leader and the money you lack,
My country’s electoral system is through a secrete ballot, in my country, election results is no secrete, they are rigged…
My fellow writers get arrested for blogging the truth, my fellow writers strive to block divisive politics,
My nation is divided by those in the government uniting with those in the opposition,
Our leaders manifestos are promising but no investment goes to them,
My leaders have refused to change, so it is obvious they won’t bring the change we need,
Demostrations in my country are always peaceful till the police try to mantain law and order,
My leaders play a game of dirty politics , there is no clean word for burying innocent citizens because of politics,
In my country, leaders steal throughout the week and the police blind the public by arresting them on a friday evening,
Maybe they just go for a vacation in the police cells over the weekend,
In my country corrupt leaders go scot free after trial for lack of enough evidence, the fact is that witnesses in my country are poor and are for sale, they are bought by suspects to disappear…

If we never talked

I can do all it takes to have you,
If you give love, that is something am willing to take, I know how the love symbol can turn shapes to be just a confusing circle,
I know how your past can talk to you not to listen to current and future,
So I know when I say “I love you” am just repeating someone’s else words to you,
It is even hard to ask and get “no”for an answer!
But today I ask coz it is worse if I never ask..
Am an artist and I feel we can take knowing each other to a new stage,
Play with words to win you to my ways,
Tell you that your spot will be your spot always,
I will never replace you,
Tell you about a game we can play for the rest of our lives,
A game of rules,
Introduce you to my parents then you can call them in_laws,
Walk you down the aisle then the church can be our spectators,
And that day, I know you will be more than just you,
Your smiles will talk to me more than the words “I do”
You will bring down your angelic ways,
From that day you will be a ladder for all the things I could never reach,
We will build a family,
Bring forth children then they can call us breadwinners,
Watch them grow and look half us,
I mean, I want you as future then we can write a story of forever and always,
I want you as inspiration for all the words that will cross my mind, when am writing about you
Words that can save a world in me,
I want you as my echo, then I will simply say “I love you…” knowing it will be back likewise!
I need you as a home, for all the wild reasons in me, that only you can tame
I want you as my sunshine, am not fine sometimes and maybe you can shine on my dark times…
I know you can’t catch a bullet for me but you can catch a breath in the same situation,
My lungs will be busy, for the moments I will only define as breathtaking
My nose will grow memories to smell your cologne, when you not around!
Not all days will be happy ones, on such days I want you as my heartbeat when you say take heart…
When I love I don’t come with phrases, I come with a whole poem,
A heart yearning to love is like a leaf detached, it will always fall…#vellovesyou…
#mylove #blogging #writers

Hear my love

Each night I hold tight to my thoughts that you remain a girl of my dreams,
I love you for nothing, I just love the who you are
AND I know
Am not perfect, never perfect in love
But I practice daily,
You will never know what you never had,
But I know what I have now, you the only one…
I have you in my heart as a tattoo, if that matter too
I promised that if you fall for me I will stand by you forever,
I have a promise to keep,
When I think of you, I think planets
I think of working down to earth so that we live lavishly,
I won’t promise you my whole world, I have complicated parts in my world,
I want to love you with my positive sides,
So I don’t promise you whole of me,
But how you tame a wild me I lack options
Your thoughts became a bell that keeps ringing in my mind,
And that day I propose hope you accept my ring
I promise to stick around, but I know there times I will travel
A hand that used to hold you, will be the one that waves goodbye
But I will always be in touch,
I can’t promise you a plane right now, when even I don’t have a plan of my life
I can’t promise you a car when I can’t drive your pains away,
But I will always promise one thing,
I have a future called bright.

Where my love is

If you have imperfections, I will be blind on them,
When you gone and my hands are no longer in touch and my eyes no longer have a say whether you beautiful, thoughts I hold will be a reminder…
when you mad and smile just to be sarcastic , that is where my love is,
Your smile is colourful , it might not be my favourite colour but how you grin, that is where my love is!
A good wife comes from the Lord, and how you seek heavenly presence and your angelic ways,
Makes me go to church, when you say “God Bless you” I feel you talking to me..
…My heart beats for you,
Music has never been this good, thoughts about you compose lyrics I get lost in, that is where my love is!
I yearn for you, I know I can’t buy you but I can earn for you…

For my dear future

I don’t use a compass to know where I come from, …
I don’t give direction by pointing, so the day she will ask where I come from…
I will simply say “I come from somewhere best we can stay for a lifetime.”

Love is when you find home,
When am away from home,
am very watchful on how I look,
just incase I meet my destiny,
I love casual and am smart like that but if I meet her and she suits me ,
am sure we will still be smart together.

The last time I wanted to trust a girl,
Is when she complimented on me..she said “you have a nice watch”
Then I was thinking, maybe I can still have a nice time with her,
Maybe it is not only about the watch…you know
Then when together,
I will look into her pretty eyes,
Hoping I will see myself in her,
That will be home enough to stay…
I will ask her if she likes memorising verses, something I know she likes coz I always see her in the CU choir….
If she likes,
I would ask if she knows…
Genesis 2.24, a verse about a man leaving his father and his mother and holding fast to his wife, and them becoming one flesh…
If she accepts my proposal…I won’t work for 14 years…no…I will work hard to see the marriage last for 14, 27, 50 ,100 till death do as part…
And before our firstborn comes,
We will come up with a curriculum…
To teach him or her the ways of christ…so that he or she does not depart from them…