Author: thevel


Days of favourite numbers, 14, 22, 11, 8807, 2012, 2005, and now I have to say goodbye to good days and welcome ones that will make me great. I tell 7year olds I have no name, anyway what is a name when you have a brand.Then I tell myself I could not have called myself ‘young’ knowing I will still age, No no, forever young will always be part of me,
It is good to have a past that made you strong, taught you to accept what you are and especially what you can never change. Yesterday was good, like I have never seen myself change like that, I have seen myself become what I have always wanted; reason I can celebrate today…
This year was a clock, I was there when memories painted themselves on the wall of my mind, I watched things change the same way…the hour and minute hand changes, I touched good times, I watched good things walk away and still watched better things sneak into my life as if it was the right time to do so….I met new people and I found better sides of life like caring and loving….
It is true you can’t get all you want but it is ok if you get what is suitable.
I have seen myself reveal more, create more and win more…..also, I have more friends and that means I have more promises to keep, you know!!! …End of a good year and now I only remain with optimism for next day coz we can never tell what future holds. Hope we become wise when a plus is on our age!
I pray for more years of WHAT I BECAME!



We don’t meet and know how to treat each other, we do bad things, definetely we will always want to push each other away, we have so many questions and even though, they are answers to what we need, we can’t just tell how right ,we afraid to lose what we already have by introducing a new angle in our circle, we love them but we still test, what we already know, like what piece of material they are made…and when we know they got like 22 personalities in their existence…it becomes confusing, we can nolonger understand a move for next, whether they are our sunrise to meet in the east or our sunset to say bye…but their is no genuine reason to do so, it becomes a fight with our conscience; in this fight we are not safe…who wins when you fight yourself and who loses knowing she can still win by accepting defeat….

She is a star

It is her smile that attracted me to her,

And she left me thinking,

What is the reply of a smile?

Probably I thought it is smiling back, but

She proved me wrong,

She told me it is falling in love,

Hers was something bright,

And it like shined on my dark times,

She was not just there for company,

She was a mind reader,

And she was sure of me being a loner

Who needs her as my future,

She made a child out of me,

We could fly kites and get lost in ourselves,

She wanted us to grow wings like in movies

And go for a date in the clouds,

Like we are never touching the ground,

A jet passing was her favorite moment,

She had a strong voice that came from thunder,

Her power was sourced from lightening,

Then she liked during the night,

When the sky was full of stars,

She watched the full moon for hours,

She preferred being out in the cold,
Then she could point at a twinkling star, and

It seemed as if it could whisper to her,

She had this stories about the sky being the limit,

She talked about one day going back home,

And wanting me to go with her,

Every day, I got lost and addicted to her mystery

I was never getting her till I realized she dropped from the sky,

So she is a star and she is willing to use her glow on me.

I forget

I forget myself,

I forget this is not out of amnesia or ignorance,

I forget I have to write,

I forget it should not always be right

I forget that I don’t have to force words

I forget some of my words may hurt, then I remember that they can heal too

I forget that my inspiration comes from those I love, so I still write pieces about hate and love

I forget that not everyone cares, maybe they won’t take a minute of their time to read…

I forget am growing daily and that inspires me too…

I forget what they say just to tamper with my feelings then I remember the comments that were positive

I forget to say thank you, words my mother taught me, thank you for the likes, thanks that you posted your comment, thank you because you followed, thank you to my ex that I was not the best man, but you will never marry a best man even in your wedding…just the groom…


I love memories, from those friendship moments in high school to those we kept with my ex, though still hurts but they were worth because I learned a lesson.

Life is about who you have, sometimes the person you have is the best friend you will ever have and you stand in the position she HOLDS, reason being she gave you a life to write about.

Most people I love come with risks, If I lose them then I have nothing to refer to, so I prefer being in contact with them everyday.

I remember those friends I realy loved to take pics with but never happened, maybe I could feel different now ,am nolonger in urniform and the body size I was in. Imagine looking at a picture like , time and distance cannot drag as apart.

Memories make people fear aging coz they will lose them but if I capture them, I will look at me when am old.

All these made me want to store what I got in something tangible. This is the reason I embraced photography.

Listene now to my story, I did not choose photography, I chose the beauty that presents itself everytime am behind the camera.

Fashion and art has been part of me since I was young ,to showcase what I love, I wake up every single day to capture another beauty in lens.

And my passion drives in me deep, I travel to distant places, beyond humanly thoughts and sometimes you give your all even if it means dodging bullets to get the image. Investing in what you love is never a loss.

Sometimes life gives us a reason to frown but we still have the courage to go for a photoshoot just to see people smile in pictures. Every twist of the button and the flashlights of the camera, you are sure of saving a memory & wishing to do it tommorrow . I love ordering people around the site, the boss feeling that comes with it.After the shoot it is the creativity that stamps the day…






Hello Luv

I chose to call you this midnight,
Because I believe we share our dreams,
Then I love this silence,
When the world is dead asleep,
What I hate is the silence you most of the times leave me in
I feel warm under this sky of moon
Than that heavy blanket without you,
If you were here,….


Lover Friend

Is loving a decision,
If it is then you are my only choice,
Is loving you a form of artifact,
For a fact, you could have modeled your ways to love me
If loving is painful,
I won’t mind even bleeding,
as long as I have you,
Loving you is like making a portrait,
I preserve all the colourful words for you…
loving you made me miss you,
Saying I miss you is always intentional,
It makes me think,
What if we were that close,
What if my messages made your day,
What if I was just what you wanted…
What if you took me for who I was,
What if you take me for what I became?
What if you loved me!

A boy falling in love, doesn’t ask ‘how deep is your love?’
Am that boy, I dived and am drowning in this ocean of words just to have you,
Is it funny though, am speechless in your face…

Am unable to call you friend,
When all I wanted was to be more than a friend
Then your words were high and firm,
can’t go above them
I mentioned that boy and girl friends sometimes are secrete lovers
To them being friends took long but it is not late to be soulmates
Am part of my own sentence,
Life sentence in prison for loving a friend & not just expecting same
And if you ever become part of this words then we are cellmates

We don’t want to exist in pretence,
atleast not forever
We now have courage to say “I miss you”
Lets do what friends do

Wish you get & love what you have always wanted
I don’t need a one night stand
I need one standing smile everytime we meet
Maybe one day we introduce ourselves, like,”This is my best friend”

When we meet, you be in 30s
Hope happily
Living lavishly
In your car flying your dreams
Hope your smile doesn’t become faded
I will remain same in actions
Pictures in words,
We can meet for a luncheon
After the meal,
I will hand you a novel of our story
This is a life present you can ever give me
Having your life in me to write of…
Coz this is what we are!!!