Reason to say goodbye

1st Sorry that I have been away! 2nd My smile is always a winner! 3rd Watch video to the below poem on my YouTube channel,, sub, comment and share. I will appreciate 4th you are great, let your day be the same.

Apart from my smile I haven’t really won a lot in my life, I just have words that refused to change timelines, I am just on the posts you like to read, sometimes all I have is your ears, your eyes and a fire emoji

she got my blind eye, she got the beauty and the brains, every reason to be her beholder, we were communicating in the language of babies, taking baby steps and afraid if we fall for each other, afraid if I am the kind who break hearts, I don’t want to break hers

when I said I love you, and I will do anything for you, take a bullet for you, you took that for granted, that triggered a part of you I had not known before, you pulled all we had to the mud…

At the moment we were saying goodbye, were not sure if it was meant to be a goodbye, we were confused, if we were to wave or just turn our backs and let it be a memory, let it be a history, a hand that used to hold me is the same hand that was waving bye. is it really hard to say goodbye.

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6 thoughts on “Reason to say goodbye

  1. It’s so great to hear you speak your own poem
    Goodbyes are always sad isn’t it?
    Overtime love changes,
    A short goodbye only for a little while can make a big difference
    So all the rooms of the love, the romance, the affair and the marriage can be dusted, throw wide open the love windows, release what has become stale and immovable for refreshing love aromas, physical and emotional to settle down and feel welcoming and comfortable again.
    A love spring clean is does big things to a romance or love affair.

    Not every story ends the way we’d like it to. Sometimes, you have to find the courage to say goodbye in life and in love.

    For me goodbyes are devastating
    I won’t lie.
    Breaking up is difficult.

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    1. True, I have been practising alot with my voice, I haven’t mastered it yet but I will, I want to fall in love with what I will be hearing….love as a topic is a complicated one, even if I write how many pieces about the same, I can’t find the right way to put it…


      1. Oh that is a wonderful discipline
        To feel and hear your own voice

        I don’t know if there is a right way
        Each piece of the written or spoken word belongs to the composition
        Some would feel attached or an affinity with a piece that you wouldn’t consider your best
        It’s like that with music
        Each piece of love poetry has its place

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