Career love poems, Series

Episode 2 #justice #ruleoflaw #peace


It is in our nature, even in the beginning in the garden of eden, someone had to break some rules. It is as if people cannot withstand the monotony of being calm and peaceful. Bad but some wars, you really don’t know why they started and the fact that there is no clear reason why they started then it makes it hard for them to end. If it is for the resources, wars have wasted more resources, losing some would have been better. In this blog I mix activism and love and in this post, I am here to champion for peaceful coexistence among ourselves. The Al Shabaab in Somalia, the Boko haram in Nigeria and the ongoing conflicts between Israel and Palestine, Just sad.

The last time I was on the wrong side of the law, when i could no longer play by the rules i had to be represented by a lawyer. The good thing is that they could not torture me to admitting, torture is for 18th century. I had the luxury to call my lawyer and I kept saying, I know my rights; one of them is the right to yell, that is what they meant when they put it in a nice way , right to expression. I was yelling at the same time saying I am not speaking without my lawyer. Not that I had a lawyer to call, at that time I was dialling my dad to come to my rescue, first to know that his son, who had been employed some months ago is spending the nights at the police cells, instead of spending his salary, it is end month!


And I don’t know why all the bad decisions come when you have some little money, the lose money. Do police also know when to arrest people, when the odds are high they will pocket some ‘chai’ and it was not just for the night because it was a friday evening, courts don’t work on weekends, so it will be 3 nights in those cells, I just don’t know why these police arrest people on a friday.


As I called my lawyer through my dad, thoughts of michael scofield were running through my mind because there was no way I was spending three nights in those cells. I was thinking of drilling a tunnel, whatever feet and escape.

She finally arrived, I knew there was no way we were going to lose this case , men are lucky if they call this lady my learned friend. She is a senior counsel even without the years. She struggles to communicate with the police in Swahili, it is not something that relates well with her tongue.


I am most obliged as I mention that I was just arrested for being a little bit faster with life, it is not overspeeding when it is end month, a full tank of gas, you are alone on a highway, with no visible bumps ahead only a party and raising of bottles and a whole crew waiting on you for the night.

She takes some notes, she keeps pushing her hair back as it tries to feel her face, I am in my vest, I can’t feel my legs, the tiny cages are like refrigerators, my everything was locked away and I am afraid of my notes in the wallet. She assures me that there is no need to worry, she is taking care of the situation. She says she has brushed shoulders with big names and she won, I wished I was among the big names to receive the brushing too, it sounds cool to lose against this lady you know.


Next we visit the classrooms, don’t be late…thank you for the read. Get interesting poems in my 1st Journal by clicking this link ….

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3 thoughts on “Career love poems, Series

  1. Justice, yes. Your account of events on that friday night reminds me of similar experiences of speedy brush with the law. It was good friday, this guy was taking his lambo babe as they say, taking her for a spin at 200km per hour in a 120km zone ….handcuffed and off to jail with no bail till Tuesday morning. This happened to quite a few on that fateful Friday…..but I agree, there is no middle path, we tend to make the lives of others hell.
    Will read the further proceedings of the good lawyer sometime later.

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      1. Ok i will read soon, my day is becoming quieter.
        I don’t know why the lessons must be wrapped in severe punishment, fundamentalism and extremism, like we are devoid of a calm, strong and fun-loving psyche.

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