Reign on me

I feel love when it is drizzling,
This is the time I have words more than the rain droplets to let you know,
It can be us against them,
These skies can envy us,
These rain droplets can go slow on us,
This love can be true forever,
love and rain,
Like how they both fall,
Like how you can be carried away,
If love is too much, and if rain is too much
Like when drizzles start when you retire to bed,
Falling asleep becomes obvious
It is a different kind of a lullaby,
Insomnia bye,
Like showers of blessings,
Like rain that washes away all the pain,
Like how you made me forget all the heart breaks and pain,
Like what we feel in the nostrils when it rains, that beats every Perfume and Cologne,
Like playing in the rain,
Like finding someone so perfect,
You want to be soaked in their love,
Clouds from the North and those from the East are combining,
It looks like it will rain,
I will be home, as you travel across the world, let the clouds bring you home,
It feels like you will be coming today,
I will be home,
I mean, in storms you can shelter on my chest,
And if it doesn’t fall this day,
We will make it rain….
In the end our relationship will remain artistic, rain is and the droplets that will stick on the window panes, we will make them ink, write a poemΒ 

credit Unsplash

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14 thoughts on “Reign on me

  1. Rain can be the 2 sided coin, when feeling sad rain can make you feel worse . in the end whether sad or happy or in love when it rain a goodnight sleep is guaranteed. Thoughtful words i must say and may you be feeling the love you write about. Nice piece

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