End thought

What I mean is I have dropped my poetry,

 I no longer want to be creative about us,

 I even no longer see your tattooed face on my arm as attractive,

 Inking on myself didn’t make you part of me,

 And today I come empty handed,

 Just carrying a request in my heart,

 Today I have loaded my heart just like a bomb,

 And my pick up line today will act like my last bullet,

With every beat you can hear out my demand,

 It hand everything you could fall for but what you took for granted,

 If today you play hard to get I will understand about going loving yourself,

 But that is not a way to give up to an angel like you,

I don’t want to forget you, that is not a way to forget you,

 I come with a bitter promise if things don’t work out,

 You have every right to walk away but don’t leave behind a reminder,

 I want you to leave behind every reason of ever coming back to me or

Ever remembering me.

If you enjoyed this piece let me know in the comments section, thank you

Published by thevel


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