Paper planes

The letter that I wrote for you and you trashed and the letter that I wrote for you and I trashed because I thought it was not worth sharing with you, they all met at the place where all trash is meant to go, palphets with the same handwriting thrown away by different hands carried by wind and water, one soaked with water dripping the colour of your ego and the other one dusted with despair and not settled it still wants to fly, to be a paper plane.

They talked about us that you didn’t bother to open the letter once you saw the address, the other one said it is better it was meant to fly to be a paper plane.

That is the same to our feelings they were never meant to settle, I am hoping that one day they will find someone they will open to and such letters will be read and never be thrown away again.

You can watch a recorded version on my Instagram, thank you for reading 😊

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2 thoughts on “Paper planes

  1. Lovely spoken word though. Sounds great with the music on the background, unfortunately the word trash sounds out of place. Could be that I’m to old for such a word on matters of such things. But then you are 25. Trash is misplaced, so inappropriate.

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