Little things

On top of this balcony again,
Our best song is on replay’
But we are no longer dancing to it,
I have tried that coffee, but there is nothing
I just remember how you added some in my cup
, and the last drop would always make me fall in love with you all-over again,
As I watch the sun get immersed in the horizon,
I see another day pass without you,
Today it is a little bit cold,
Am in your hoodie which is a little bit baggy,
I remember when you used to tell me to,
Eat more to add some weight,
Look at what I lost instead of gaining,
I don’t know but the cologne on this hoodie,
Is a little stronger,
I didn’t know a little secrete breaks like this,
I was crazy to think I was just a little bit tipsy,
Then I thought we were completely drunk in love,
And we are never becoming sober,
And am becoming more stupid now,
I am drinking more,
How I am seeing things more clearly now,
And everything around me is a remainder of you,

I am hoping you come again like another day….

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