Hope you find love

When meeting someone for the first time,
you don’t know how to show up,
you don’t know if your black suit is just fine
or it is not as good as that jeans and the black T-shirt,
If it was a job interview you could back on your experience
but in such a situation you remember you don’t have any experience with hooking up with Amazing people,
you sure she doesn’t need all white outfit to be an angel to you,
You sure she doesn’t need short dresses to impress,
and you the one to sort out yourself,
You don’t know if you should carry some oxygen in your backpack
just Incase she the kind who will leave you breath-less,
You speak to your heart for the last time,
just Incase she is the kind who will steal it with the first word,
you don’t know if your first eye contact will have an everlasting touch?
you don’t know if you should pass by a flower shop and buy one, arrive early, wait to pull a chair for her,
And you thinking about her smile, if she has a broad smile,
Or she just gives a brief smile that leaves you impatient for,
You know she will say hi or hello,
But the reply should be somehow impactful,
You thinking to some extend you will pretend,
But you still know you will be completely true to her,

And how you will choose your words,
You will be artistic,
You will leave her wanting another punchline,
And when she will say, ‘you funny’
You will know you already have a part of her,
In that moment you will tell her to close her eyes, a short prayer will do here
That flower didn’t fit well in that carrying bag,
But you sure it will open her to a whole new world,
And that hug will merge you to something incredible.
Hope you find love….

“Short criticism is fine, comment if you enjoy reading my work, leave a like and share for love…”

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3 thoughts on “Hope you find love

  1. Not exactly in a backpack, just somewhere to carry it, but it has to come as a surprise when she opens her eyes, thanks for reading and your comment, means alot to me


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