I didn’t choose to be born in a middle of a month,
Even when my parents were marking on that calendar,
They didn’t exactly know the water will break on such a date,
I know I came like a dream, so
I guess am that kind who was born before dawn,
Today am delicate, Am loaded just like a Bomb,
Every wish will be a count-down to some blast,
Today I want to know how the party starts,
And totally know nothing when it ends,
Am not a type who will grab a newspaper to read horoscope,
I really don’t know the fate of a person born in November in relation to Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer,
Capricorn or Leo,
I just know today I have to say goodbye to old days,
Accept what I could not change and be happy for what I became!
Yesterday is history and I want good moments to repeat,
Last year was a clock I watched myself change,
I was there when memories painted themselves on the wall of my mind,
I watched things change the same way the hour and the minute hand changes,
I touched good times,
I watched good things walk away and still watched better things sneak into my life as if it was the right
time to do so,
I found these people and found better sides of life like caring and loving,
I met a girl who has a name like a city I want to visit,
She speaks from her heart
I also met an Indian girl, I can talk about it later
Am yet to meet an Arab girl, am always in love with their accent
I have seen myself create more, reveal more and
Am still here holding good memories,
Am heavy with what I can write,
And am optimistic that tomorrow will find me great,
To more years of what I Became!…

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