A stage in life

Right now in life I have found myself,
I am cool on things,
Like when I am taking my evening tea,
It is amazing to watch the moist rise than to burn my lips,
I know how searching one-self is hell
And I won’t like to get back to where am from,
Right now in my life, short dresses do not impress anymore,
I have chances and I won’t choose those I have picked at before,
A person I can fall for, is that who doesn’t start a conversation with a greeting,
I got a weakness where my first impression comes when speaking starts,
There is a way, where the first word says a lot about a person,
I envision more of what I can achieve and definitely blind on seeing love,
Right now in life I perform all the time, so I concentrate on poetry,
I write more, listen more,
Then talk little just to keep the conversation going,
Right now in life, little things do not bother me,
I care more of my brother, my family and friends became family
Right now in life I won’t need your help,
I don’t want you thinking I owe you one….

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6 thoughts on “A stage in life

  1. Great profound-smart poem. I’m still guessing if like the other commentator said you were talking about Him(God), you left it open for interpretation. I thought the last sentence was a perfect ending “I don’t want you thinking I owe you one”. I also notice that in two lines the 3rd and 6th starting from the top you used ” am” .. “am taking…” and then “am from….” just curious, did you intended to do that or was it a slip instead of saying “I´m”, which either way it doesn’t matter, it came out more than fine.
    Nice read, enjoyed very much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for your fine comment, You said it all, Grisele was just trying to add another line to the poem, she didn’t get the context wrong, I am , it was not intentional though it didn’t tamper with the poem much, and I am glad next time I will edit to near perfect.


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