If you are gone

That will mean we counted on each other for,
5, 4, 3, 2 or even one month,
It will mean that we differed and love could not,
Find a solution to our souls
It will mean we wanted best for ourselves,
So we were mean and we could not average,
The mistakes we caused to the world that separated us….
If you gone,
I will tell myself that we had our Rome in mind & you wanted it real,
In one day,
I will remember we made memories high like skyscrapers then we lost them,
In that party…
Which was never meant to part us
I will say you were hard to get,
I will still acknowledge you
In absence,
I will reminisce at night,
And hate the day you walked away!
I will try to forget you knowing I will obviously fail

I will be happy that I housed you,
And made a small corner in your heart for myself
I will be glad that we have a past,
And Am part of your history,
I will be glad you will be telling your boyfriend lies; like you never loved me
And when am yours,
I will invest badly in you…so that even if you walk away slowly,
I will say ‘my ex ran away with my bank account,

And if by chance we meet,
On the streets, Maybe
You are heavy not with shopping,
Then you will wave to confirm your identity to me
I don’t know if you be glad,
To see me,
Hope you don’t remember…
Promises we never kept
That am not the father of the child,
You now carry

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