Loving me,
It is your choice,
I was just thinking!
Is having someone in mind,
The same as being in her presence…
Or it is just another source of missing her,
Coz that is how I feel when thoughts of you replay in my mind

The words I said to myself,
Are the words we almost used,
“I will miss you”
I have no options, but just to love you
If love was blind then we won’t be falling into it at first sights…
That is what I did

I have walked miles, maybe hundred
Just to see you smile
We in the writers club don’t just see a girl
And write how she is beautiful,
Sometimes the words talk themselves out,
When we see a girl who match up to beauty,
Little things move us,
Like a goodbye from a stranger,
Like the pain of people we now know,
We wish to share, like you take the scars and I take the pain!
And we just fool ourselves when we think they feel the same…
That they also love us,
Sometimes we think talking out how we feel will make us strong,
Maybe we are always wrong,
I only feel love when it is drizzling…
This is the time I have hundred words, even more, more than the
Rain droplets, to let you know,
It can be us against them,
This skies can envy us, this rain droplets can go slow on us,
This cold nights can forget us,
This love can be true forever

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