Mystery blogger award

IMG_20191020_104001_250I thank, for nominating me for the ‘mystery blogger award’ it is humbling and especially when you are starting out in this blogging journey. I must say am not sure what one should do when he or she is nominated but I celebrated and shared with my friends. Am nominating other bloggers and you are expected to do the same, let the love continue flowing….
-Put the award logo/image on your blog
-list the rules
-thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
-answer the 5 questions you were asked
-tell your readers three things about yourself
-notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
-ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice, include one weird or funny question
-share a link to your best posts
Jesusluvsall questions
1) What is your blog about?
I write poetry. I write love pieces but also am an artivist(activist), I write against social injustices and just to remind the government it’s responsibility.
2) When you write in your blog, where do you like to be?
Obviously in my room. My ideas mostly come when am relaxed and in solitude, but that does not limit me, writing has become a habit for me and I can do it anywhere.
3) What is a book or movie that meant something to you recently?
That will be deep in the valley. A novel that I have been neglecting for some time but the time I started reading it was to the last page.
4) Who are few people who inspire you and why?
I have seen people love from their hearts, people who tear for love . I have seen people full of empathy and they lack means to help. All this inspire.
4) What is your favourite snack food?
Am not sure, I will stars being careful next time I buy a snack.
3things about me
My personality kills me every time I try shouting.

My mother was my poetry teacher, I took it up as my mother tongue.

I toss a coin every morning, either sides has a meaning to me.
My 5 questions for my Nominees
1) What is your favourite comment since you started blogging?
2) If there was a writing competition for all bloggers, what topic would you choose to write about and why?
3) What is your dream city/ a city you would like to visit? Why
4) What novel are you reading now/ read recently? What is it all about?
5)What world celebrity if left in one room with, you will feel totally uncomfortable?
I have nominated powerful bloggers that you will love to check out. Please do,






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