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My life starts again when someone unknowingly encourages me, the words grow hands and becomes so touching and I bend my head to let the words sink,
My life starts again when there is no hope, I feel lost then I get struck with reality that nothing lasts forever and there is always light at the end of the tunnel,
My life starts again when I mess my chance, and God says don’t worry , you have a second chance, the past is in the past,
My life starts again when I remember the reason I started doing what I do, the one reason comes and subtracts 1000 reasons to give up, that way, I feel am still not getting the math,
My life starts again when I see people love me without pretence , I feel to promise them my future tense and another good promise that would blow their minds away,
My life starts again, when I discover the song I always skip can make my heart skip for a moment, then I put it on replay like 50times, till my heart is tired…
My life starts again when I fulfill a promise, nothing feels good like knowing you won’t fail a person another day,
My life starts again when, a reader comments with a sentence right from the middle of my poem, that leaves me speechless
My life starts again when an idea hits me in the afternoon, on the streets and I just have to excuse my everything and type the words,
My life starts again so many times, that is because am attracted to being fresh and new.


My poetry is always a meeting between the reader and the writer. So today I decided to finish with this…I thank everyone for the support I have received in the past few weeks, your interaction with my blog has been so humbling and I say thanks. I say thanks also for the nominations I have received, I must admit I haven’t participated because of the tight schedule, but am working on them. Keep the love flowing, I love you all.

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18 thoughts on “Start new

  1. I do the same thing when I find a new song that I love. 50times or more! 😊 There are times when starting new is difficult, but it can also be beautiful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts on starting new.

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