I love you this time

Sometimes love is too much and it makes you cry,
Sometimes love is too scary and it makes you cry,
Sometimes being left speechless is not a phrase enough,
To explain how you feel,
Sometimes you explain how you are the air I breath,
By intentionally leaving me breathless,
Sometimes you are basically what I need,
Sometimes when you are away and you call, I will take a moment to clear my vocals before saying ‘hello’
Sometimes I wait so long, for just the word β€˜yes’
Sometimes I worry, NO is the opposite of yes
And that cannot answer the feelings I have as questions,
Sometimes your smile summarizes my day,
Sometimes I go back to my gallery to see your pictures,
Sometime the pictures takes me back, I crush on you all over again
Sometimes my cellphone battery dies, just looking at the pictures,
Sometimes you are the thought that keeps me awake, that is a thing when you fall for someone like you,
Sometimes my poetry fails to relay what I really mean, sometimes my poetry tells me ‘you really want this girl,’
Most of the time my outside wants to seat next to a girl my insides is crazy about,
And if one day my outside will act how my insides do, then you will get how mad am in love with your ways…

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15 thoughts on “I love you this time

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