People like us

People like us only hear of true love in fiction stories,
Our eyes became blind not to ever fall at first sights,
Our ears became deaf, not to really hear again how the word love sounds,
So when a person says ‘I love you’ we are like pardon that, it sounds as history,
People like us have stories about Romeu &Juliet, but such a story killed our desire to ever love again,
We were love experts, she was a piece of me till that day she exposed love could not hold ,
she walked away
She left me parts am are trying to fix,
These hands that know better to wave goodbye than to hold,
This skin that no longer form goose-bumps
What is the colour of love, if it is that of Valentine’s then I think people like us are blind everywhere, I chose the wrong colour,
But I think we have a favourite colour that acts as a mask, so you can’t judge us by our cover but we still have true colours that comes out when our patience is so sick, it can’t hold no more,
People like us know the sky as blue and showers of blessings sometimes come in blues and the sea turns to blue,
People like us only use mathematics when counting our blessings, and some people are blessings
People like us don’t go straight to the point,we use shortcuts before giving our point….it is nature in words….we are drawers but we refused to keep reality so we became artists and we paint pictures in words we say…

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16 thoughts on “People like us

  1. Your poem has caught my attention. It is a reflection of life, it is a confession full of truths about how love is lived in these times of you, young people. They are sincere and full of intensity. It has been a pleasure to enjoy your poetry. I will follow you on your blog. Regards.

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