I forget

I forget myself,

I forget this is not out of amnesia or ignorance,

I forget I have to write,

I forget it should not always be right

I forget that I don’t have to force words

I forget some of my words may hurt, then I remember that they can heal too

I forget that my inspiration comes from those I love, so I still write pieces about hate and love

I forget that not everyone cares, maybe they won’t take a minute of their time to read…

I forget am growing daily and that inspires me too…

I forget what they say just to tamper with my feelings then I remember the comments that were positive

I forget to say thank you, words my mother taught me, thank you for the likes, thanks that you posted your comment, thank you because you followed, thank you to my ex that I was not the best man, but you will never marry a best man even in your wedding…just the groom…


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