I love memories, from those friendship moments in high school to those we kept with my ex, though still hurts but they were worth because I learned a lesson.

Life is about who you have, sometimes the person you have is the best friend you will ever have and you stand in the position she HOLDS, reason being she gave you a life to write about.

Most people I love come with risks, If I lose them then I have nothing to refer to, so I prefer being in contact with them everyday.

I remember those friends I realy loved to take pics with but never happened, maybe I could feel different now ,am nolonger in urniform and the body size I was in. Imagine looking at a picture like , time and distance cannot drag as apart.

Memories make people fear aging coz they will lose them but if I capture them, I will look at me when am old.

All these made me want to store what I got in something tangible. This is the reason I embraced photography.

Listene now to my story, I did not choose photography, I chose the beauty that presents itself everytime am behind the camera.

Fashion and art has been part of me since I was young ,to showcase what I love, I wake up every single day to capture another beauty in lens.

And my passion drives in me deep, I travel to distant places, beyond humanly thoughts and sometimes you give your all even if it means dodging bullets to get the image. Investing in what you love is never a loss.

Sometimes life gives us a reason to frown but we still have the courage to go for a photoshoot just to see people smile in pictures. Every twist of the button and the flashlights of the camera, you are sure of saving a memory & wishing to do it tommorrow . I love ordering people around the site, the boss feeling that comes with it.After the shoot it is the creativity that stamps the day…







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