Lover Friend

Is loving a decision,
If it is then you are my only choice,
Is loving you a form of artifact,
For a fact, you could have modeled your ways to love me
If loving is painful,
I won’t mind even bleeding,
as long as I have you,
Loving you is like making a portrait,
I preserve all the colourful words for you…
loving you made me miss you,
Saying I miss you is always intentional,
It makes me think,
What if we were that close,
What if my messages made your day,
What if I was just what you wanted…
What if you took me for who I was,
What if you take me for what I became?
What if you loved me!

A boy falling in love, doesn’t ask ‘how deep is your love?’
Am that boy, I dived and am drowning in this ocean of words just to have you,
Is it funny though, am speechless in your face…

Am unable to call you friend,
When all I wanted was to be more than a friend
Then your words were high and firm,
can’t go above them
I mentioned that boy and girl friends sometimes are secrete lovers
To them being friends took long but it is not late to be soulmates
Am part of my own sentence,
Life sentence in prison for loving a friend & not just expecting same
And if you ever become part of this words then we are cellmates

We don’t want to exist in pretence,
atleast not forever
We now have courage to say “I miss you”
Lets do what friends do

Wish you get & love what you have always wanted
I don’t need a one night stand
I need one standing smile everytime we meet
Maybe one day we introduce ourselves, like,”This is my best friend”

When we meet, you be in 30s
Hope happily
Living lavishly
In your car flying your dreams
Hope your smile doesn’t become faded
I will remain same in actions
Pictures in words,
We can meet for a luncheon
After the meal,
I will hand you a novel of our story
This is a life present you can ever give me
Having your life in me to write of…
Coz this is what we are!!!


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