What I Became!

I have a way with words, that is how I find a path to people’s hearts. I imagine I have an ear inside my mind because I keep listening to myself. My mother was my poetry teacher, that is how I took up poetry as my mother tongue…

Little things

On top of this balcony again,
Our best song is on replay’
But we are no longer dancing to it,
I have tried that coffee, but there is nothing
I just remember how you added some in my cup
, and the last drop would always make me fall in love with you all-over again,
As I watch the sun get immersed in the horizon,
I see another day pass without you,
Today it is a little bit cold,
Am in your hoodie which is a little bit baggy,
I remember when you used to tell me to,
Eat more to add some weight,
Look at what I lost instead of gaining,
I don’t know but the cologne on this hoodie,
Is a little stronger,
I didn’t know a little secrete breaks like this,
I was crazy to think I was just a little bit tipsy,
Then I thought we were completely drunk in love,
And we are never becoming sober,
And am becoming more stupid now,
I am drinking more,
How I am seeing things more clearly now,
And everything around me is a remainder of you,

I am hoping you come again like another day….

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Hope you find love

When meeting someone for the first time,
you don’t know how to show up,
you don’t know if your black suit is just fine
or it is not as good as that jeans and the black T-shirt,
If it was a job interview you could back on your experience
but in such a situation you remember you don’t have any experience with hooking up with Amazing people,
you sure she doesn’t need all white outfit to be an angel to you,
You sure she doesn’t need short dresses to impress,
and you the one to sort out yourself,
You don’t know if you should carry some oxygen in your backpack
just Incase she the kind who will leave you breath-less,
You speak to your heart for the last time,
just Incase she is the kind who will steal it with the first word,
you don’t know if your first eye contact will have an everlasting touch?
you don’t know if you should pass by a flower shop and buy one, arrive early, wait to pull a chair for her,
And you thinking about her smile, if she has a broad smile,
Or she just gives a brief smile that leaves you impatient for,
You know she will say hi or hello,
But the reply should be somehow impactful,
You thinking to some extend you will pretend,
But you still know you will be completely true to her,

And how you will choose your words,
You will be artistic,
You will leave her wanting another punchline,
And when she will say, ‘you funny’
You will know you already have a part of her,
In that moment you will tell her to close her eyes, a short prayer will do here
That flower didn’t fit well in that carrying bag,
But you sure it will open her to a whole new world,
And that hug will merge you to something incredible.
Hope you find love….

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I didn’t choose to be born in a middle of a month,
Even when my parents were marking on that calendar,
They didn’t exactly know the water will break on such a date,
I know I came like a dream, so
I guess am that kind who was born before dawn,
Today am delicate, Am loaded just like a Bomb,
Every wish will be a count-down to some blast,
Today I want to know how the party starts,
And totally know nothing when it ends,
Am not a type who will grab a newspaper to read horoscope,
I really don’t know the fate of a person born in November in relation to Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer,
Capricorn or Leo,
I just know today I have to say goodbye to old days,
Accept what I could not change and be happy for what I became!
Yesterday is history and I want good moments to repeat,
Last year was a clock I watched myself change,
I was there when memories painted themselves on the wall of my mind,
I watched things change the same way the hour and the minute hand changes,
I touched good times,
I watched good things walk away and still watched better things sneak into my life as if it was the right
time to do so,
I found these people and found better sides of life like caring and loving,
I met a girl who has a name like a city I want to visit,
She speaks from her heart
I also met an Indian girl, I can talk about it later
Am yet to meet an Arab girl, am always in love with their accent
I have seen myself create more, reveal more and
Am still here holding good memories,
Am heavy with what I can write,
And am optimistic that tomorrow will find me great,
To more years of what I Became!…

A stage in life

Right now in life I have found myself,
I am cool on things,
Like when I am taking my evening tea,
It is amazing to watch the moist rise than to burn my lips,
I know how searching one-self is hell
And I won’t like to get back to where am from,
Right now in my life, short dresses do not impress anymore,
I have chances and I won’t choose those I have picked at before,
A person I can fall for, is that who doesn’t start a conversation with a greeting,
I got a weakness where my first impression comes when speaking starts,
There is a way, where the first word says a lot about a person,
I envision more of what I can achieve and definitely blind on seeing love,
Right now in life I perform all the time, so I concentrate on poetry,
I write more, listen more,
Then talk little just to keep the conversation going,
Right now in life, little things do not bother me,
I care more of my brother, my family and friends became family
Right now in life I won’t need your help,
I don’t want you thinking I owe you one….

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If you are gone

That will mean we counted on each other for,
5, 4, 3, 2 or even one month,
It will mean that we differed and love could not,
Find a solution to our souls
It will mean we wanted best for ourselves,
So we were mean and we could not average,
The mistakes we caused to the world that separated us….
If you gone,
I will tell myself that we had our Rome in mind & you wanted it real,
In one day,
I will remember we made memories high like skyscrapers then we lost them,
In that party…
Which was never meant to part us
I will say you were hard to get,
I will still acknowledge you
In absence,
I will reminisce at night,
And hate the day you walked away!
I will try to forget you knowing I will obviously fail

I will be happy that I housed you,
And made a small corner in your heart for myself
I will be glad that we have a past,
And Am part of your history,
I will be glad you will be telling your boyfriend lies; like you never loved me
And when am yours,
I will invest badly in you…so that even if you walk away slowly,
I will say ‘my ex ran away with my bank account,

And if by chance we meet,
On the streets, Maybe
You are heavy not with shopping,
Then you will wave to confirm your identity to me
I don’t know if you be glad,
To see me,
Hope you don’t remember…
Promises we never kept
That am not the father of the child,
You now carry


Loving me,
It is your choice,
I was just thinking!
Is having someone in mind,
The same as being in her presence…
Or it is just another source of missing her,
Coz that is how I feel when thoughts of you replay in my mind

The words I said to myself,
Are the words we almost used,
“I will miss you”
I have no options, but just to love you
If love was blind then we won’t be falling into it at first sights…
That is what I did

I have walked miles, maybe hundred
Just to see you smile
We in the writers club don’t just see a girl
And write how she is beautiful,
Sometimes the words talk themselves out,
When we see a girl who match up to beauty,
Little things move us,
Like a goodbye from a stranger,
Like the pain of people we now know,
We wish to share, like you take the scars and I take the pain!
And we just fool ourselves when we think they feel the same…
That they also love us,
Sometimes we think talking out how we feel will make us strong,
Maybe we are always wrong,
I only feel love when it is drizzling…
This is the time I have hundred words, even more, more than the
Rain droplets, to let you know,
It can be us against them,
This skies can envy us, this rain droplets can go slow on us,
This cold nights can forget us,
This love can be true forever

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Mystery blogger award

IMG_20191020_104001_250I thank, https://jesusluvsall.wordpress.com/ for nominating me for the ‘mystery blogger award’ it is humbling and especially when you are starting out in this blogging journey. I must say am not sure what one should do when he or she is nominated but I celebrated and shared with my friends. Am nominating other bloggers and you are expected to do the same, let the love continue flowing….
-Put the award logo/image on your blog
-list the rules
-thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
-answer the 5 questions you were asked
-tell your readers three things about yourself
-notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
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-share a link to your best posts
Jesusluvsall questions
1) What is your blog about?
I write poetry. I write love pieces but also am an artivist(activist), I write against social injustices and just to remind the government it’s responsibility.
2) When you write in your blog, where do you like to be?
Obviously in my room. My ideas mostly come when am relaxed and in solitude, but that does not limit me, writing has become a habit for me and I can do it anywhere.
3) What is a book or movie that meant something to you recently?
That will be deep in the valley. A novel that I have been neglecting for some time but the time I started reading it was to the last page.
4) Who are few people who inspire you and why?
I have seen people love from their hearts, people who tear for love . I have seen people full of empathy and they lack means to help. All this inspire.
4) What is your favourite snack food?
Am not sure, I will stars being careful next time I buy a snack.
3things about me
My personality kills me every time I try shouting.

My mother was my poetry teacher, I took it up as my mother tongue.

I toss a coin every morning, either sides has a meaning to me.
My 5 questions for my Nominees
1) What is your favourite comment since you started blogging?
2) If there was a writing competition for all bloggers, what topic would you choose to write about and why?
3) What is your dream city/ a city you would like to visit? Why
4) What novel are you reading now/ read recently? What is it all about?
5)What world celebrity if left in one room with, you will feel totally uncomfortable?
I have nominated powerful bloggers that you will love to check out. Please do,
1) MANIKA http://manikaranjan.wordpress.com/









Start new

My life starts again when someone unknowingly encourages me, the words grow hands and becomes so touching and I bend my head to let the words sink,
My life starts again when there is no hope, I feel lost then I get struck with reality that nothing lasts forever and there is always light at the end of the tunnel,
My life starts again when I mess my chance, and God says don’t worry , you have a second chance, the past is in the past,
My life starts again when I remember the reason I started doing what I do, the one reason comes and subtracts 1000 reasons to give up, that way, I feel am still not getting the math,
My life starts again when I see people love me without pretence , I feel to promise them my future tense and another good promise that would blow their minds away,
My life starts again, when I discover the song I always skip can make my heart skip for a moment, then I put it on replay like 50times, till my heart is tired…
My life starts again when I fulfill a promise, nothing feels good like knowing you won’t fail a person another day,
My life starts again when, a reader comments with a sentence right from the middle of my poem, that leaves me speechless
My life starts again when an idea hits me in the afternoon, on the streets and I just have to excuse my everything and type the words,
My life starts again so many times, that is because am attracted to being fresh and new.


My poetry is always a meeting between the reader and the writer. So today I decided to finish with this…I thank everyone for the support I have received in the past few weeks, your interaction with my blog has been so humbling and I say thanks. I say thanks also for the nominations I have received, I must admit I haven’t participated because of the tight schedule, but am working on them. Keep the love flowing, I love you all.

I love you this time

Sometimes love is too much and it makes you cry,
Sometimes love is too scary and it makes you cry,
Sometimes being left speechless is not a phrase enough,
To explain how you feel,
Sometimes you explain how you are the air I breath,
By intentionally leaving me breathless,
Sometimes you are basically what I need,
Sometimes when you are away and you call, I will take a moment to clear my vocals before saying ‘hello’
Sometimes I wait so long, for just the word ‘yes’
Sometimes I worry, NO is the opposite of yes
And that cannot answer the feelings I have as questions,
Sometimes your smile summarizes my day,
Sometimes I go back to my gallery to see your pictures,
Sometime the pictures takes me back, I crush on you all over again
Sometimes my cellphone battery dies, just looking at the pictures,
Sometimes you are the thought that keeps me awake, that is a thing when you fall for someone like you,
Sometimes my poetry fails to relay what I really mean, sometimes my poetry tells me ‘you really want this girl,’
Most of the time my outside wants to seat next to a girl my insides is crazy about,
And if one day my outside will act how my insides do, then you will get how mad am in love with your ways…