She is a doctor

I have been writing career love poems, I don’t know if I put that the right way but it is simply falling in love while in line of duty. This the first episode and if it interesting I will keep sharing the rest.

Love hurts sometime and you just need a surgery,
long story short…
She is a doctor and instead of blood transfusion,
She is causing some confusion in my nerves,
I have suffered heart-breaks,
And I am sure I have found someone who deals with such hearts,
I have only heard of successful heart transplants,
But today I am a witness,
She has stolen my heart and she is just about to fix my past troubles,
It is a time to remember all the notes to save a life,
While it is my time to Capture the moment,
The only drug I need is her and I Know my words,
Will save me
She touches my chest, the stethoscope that hugs her most of the time
looked aside
To give us a moment…
It is like an extension of the cardiac muscles,
I can clearly feel her heart beat,
I know of doctor’s bad handwritings,
But that will not be a problem because this one,
we don’t need ink!
This needs to be felt and not to be read,
I am preparing for what she can scribble on my heart,
I am ready to receive an overdose of 24 tablets 7times,
And the worst side effect is that I will crave for more pills
And everytime she smiles,
she leaves me breathless,
Kissing her fills up my lungs with oxygen that can take me another year without exhales,
Everytime I have an adrenaline rush,
She will tell me to be patient…
I will feel better each moment I am with her…

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Her last text, is not a wishing nice time kind,
She leaves you with a punchline enough,
So deep to send you to some deep thoughts,
I called and she told me she was thinking,
About me and she was also about to call,
Talk about coincidences because oftenly we mention the same
Words at the same time and we go to a laughter,
And afterwards she tells me to try thinking differently next time…but how? I tell her to blame us
You will think we are some type of machines,
Or a better way we are halves of each other,
If we were total strangers and meet on a path,
We are likely to collied and not because the path is tiny,
I smile she smiles,
I think it is a thing of meeting a fellow writer,
It is always the beginning of another story,
She uses metaphors and has a way to get to your
Heart through her wordplays, she is very wity
She is very beautiful,
She is a finished love poem,
She is the world minus all evil,
She is a whole package that one will need to always smile,,
Listen! I just love how she builds drama too,
Mixed signals when she wants you to read between the lines,
She is made of sour and sweet,
throws tantrums at me and hugs me so tight;
When we kiss, when we go for a walk, when we listen to our favorite songs,
When we dance, when we take pictures
When we go shopping, I pick on her favorite colors, she picks items with my favorite color,
In my mind I am like!
‘ I want this, let’s make memories and
paint them with our favourite colour so that they never fade away’

Why do you write?

write to create friendship,
And this is a letter to ask if you can be my friend, You are welcomed but you are not my first friend, feel humbled!! Anyway I will treat you like one.
I don’t write to get sympathy likes, that is not how I win, I write to move, I write to create a movement… that is how I live the moment…
Go ahead and leave a comment…
I write knowing that through the words I can talk to someone, Hello there, it has been tough! It is still tough, the economy is ailing too, tourism sector is also infected and it is surforcating, and what I hear on international news room has found a way to my living room and it is affecting me directly, I believe that despite our skin tone we can still be one. For real! Some acts in the recent past felt as if some of us are not out of the woods yet, now I sound like a racist…I will delete that line
It doesn’t matter if you are somewhere in Africa or Europe, art unites us, I can write this as a poem and you can find it as a sing along, that is not a difference and what matters is that we are reading from the same script..
I write knowing I can find myself, sometimes I feel lost when I want to write something and I fear I can be misquoted. I write to suggest but if you are tired to read between the lines, don’t worry, I still write explicitly, I bring out the naked truth.
I write,
That someone can find himself/herself..
I write because art is powerful…

Keep writing

Art is urniversal, that is one thing that will always unite us. If you enjoyed or you were moved by this piece let me know please. Let’s follow each other for frequent interaction. I am Velthepoet on Instagram and twitter

Love triangle

I know love takes various shapes,
And I won’t choose that love triangle,
If you think I am being technical here,
Such a shape is what broke my heart,
It has so far transformed into four corners,

I want to be sure about the next girl Cupid points me to,
I want to know If she can fit in a rectangular space,
And still leave me some room for breathing,
I want a girl who knows I love my circle small,
And whichever colour inside is all we have,
Not the greener outside!!
I don’t want someone who takes me in circles,
I am a-cute type of guy, and I would love to get
A girl who got all the angles that make up beauty,
Who comes to me straight, clean as per my values
A girl who goes straight to the point,
Even though she knows her point of view is completely parralel to mine,
I want a girl who knows that hands akimbo,
Don’t grab a man’s attention, they just grab a waist
And that worse equals to a waste of time,
So, she better take a seat before going ahead to
table issues,
She should know I am a 3D, and I only reveal
A side of me, the 2nd side is her
And that I can surrender all the other sides for her,
The 3rd side is my phone and that is a full pattern,
To a secret of secrets that are able to break her entire system!!
All in all she should know, I am a circle representation of love and
she can choose to be any shape inside me…

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I wish we could speak out our minds,
But we have both lost our minds,
I wish we could picture ourselves together again,
But we no longer fit in that frame,
You feel bad,
You feel hurt,
I wish that hole in your heart could be filled,
But you say it better be a vacuum,
I wish your smile could no longer hide pain,
But your bleeding heart won’t let you,
I always wished you could be by my side forever,
But what we had was only one side…

Love ended soon

I don’t know why I write dope break-up pieces and they are the ones people react with most, go ahead and leave a comment. We have both loved sometime if we are not in some relationship now. What is your take when love goes sour and lovers have just to part ways, do we forget all the sweet memories or they are the ones that make us regret most? Do the playlists you shared become boring, that killer move? Talking about dancing, I met someone online, those random facts about each other, hobbies. In-short Jane lied about knowing how to dance and when we finally met, she could not pull a single move and I became her teacher, the day everything ended, she break-danced out of my life.


It has been long since I posted, I will just give an excuse of taking a breather, strategising, seeing the big picture and making sure everything fits in the frame perfect.

If you haven’t interacted with my posts, I am interested in poetry especially word-play and metaphors

I have a lot in mind for you guys and the friends that I have found on this platform for the few years I have been blogging, you the reason I will never stop writing.

At this time let’s not necessarily hand-shake but extend a hand of help for the wretched in the society. There people who are facing more that they can stomach and even having a single meal in a day, it is a hard deal. Let’s remember them.

Lastly, I am back! I missed you guys, If you missed me, I am back and I have no intentions of taking a break soon. Let me know what you think, what you have been up to, are there new found hobbies? We are hoping Covid-19 goes away and we become real us again.

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Be blessed 😍

Little things

On top of this balcony again,
Our best song is on replay’
But we are no longer dancing to it,
I have tried that coffee, but there is nothing
I just remember how you added some in my cup
, and the last drop would always make me fall in love with you all-over again,
As I watch the sun get immersed in the horizon,
I see another day pass without you,
Today it is a little bit cold,
Am in your hoodie which is a little bit baggy,
I remember when you used to tell me to,
Eat more to add some weight,
Look at what I lost instead of gaining,
I don’t know but the cologne on this hoodie,
Is a little stronger,
I didn’t know a little secrete breaks like this,
I was crazy to think I was just a little bit tipsy,
Then I thought we were completely drunk in love,
And we are never becoming sober,
And am becoming more stupid now,
I am drinking more,
How I am seeing things more clearly now,
And everything around me is a remainder of you,

I am hoping you come again like another day….

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Hope you find love

When meeting someone for the first time,
you don’t know how to show up,
you don’t know if your black suit is just fine
or it is not as good as that jeans and the black T-shirt,
If it was a job interview you could back on your experience
but in such a situation you remember you don’t have any experience with hooking up with Amazing people,
you sure she doesn’t need all white outfit to be an angel to you,
You sure she doesn’t need short dresses to impress,
and you the one to sort out yourself,
You don’t know if you should carry some oxygen in your backpack
just Incase she the kind who will leave you breath-less,
You speak to your heart for the last time,
just Incase she is the kind who will steal it with the first word,
you don’t know if your first eye contact will have an everlasting touch?
you don’t know if you should pass by a flower shop and buy one, arrive early, wait to pull a chair for her,
And you thinking about her smile, if she has a broad smile,
Or she just gives a brief smile that leaves you impatient for,
You know she will say hi or hello,
But the reply should be somehow impactful,
You thinking to some extend you will pretend,
But you still know you will be completely true to her,

And how you will choose your words,
You will be artistic,
You will leave her wanting another punchline,
And when she will say, ‘you funny’
You will know you already have a part of her,
In that moment you will tell her to close her eyes, a short prayer will do here
That flower didn’t fit well in that carrying bag,
But you sure it will open her to a whole new world,
And that hug will merge you to something incredible.
Hope you find love….

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I didn’t choose to be born in a middle of a month,
Even when my parents were marking on that calendar,
They didn’t exactly know the water will break on such a date,
I know I came like a dream, so
I guess am that kind who was born before dawn,
Today am delicate, Am loaded just like a Bomb,
Every wish will be a count-down to some blast,
Today I want to know how the party starts,
And totally know nothing when it ends,
Am not a type who will grab a newspaper to read horoscope,
I really don’t know the fate of a person born in November in relation to Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer,
Capricorn or Leo,
I just know today I have to say goodbye to old days,
Accept what I could not change and be happy for what I became!
Yesterday is history and I want good moments to repeat,
Last year was a clock I watched myself change,
I was there when memories painted themselves on the wall of my mind,
I watched things change the same way the hour and the minute hand changes,
I touched good times,
I watched good things walk away and still watched better things sneak into my life as if it was the right
time to do so,
I found these people and found better sides of life like caring and loving,
I met a girl who has a name like a city I want to visit,
She speaks from her heart
I also met an Indian girl, I can talk about it later
Am yet to meet an Arab girl, am always in love with their accent
I have seen myself create more, reveal more and
Am still here holding good memories,
Am heavy with what I can write,
And am optimistic that tomorrow will find me great,
To more years of what I Became!…

A stage in life

Right now in life I have found myself,
I am cool on things,
Like when I am taking my evening tea,
It is amazing to watch the moist rise than to burn my lips,
I know how searching one-self is hell
And I won’t like to get back to where am from,
Right now in my life, short dresses do not impress anymore,
I have chances and I won’t choose those I have picked at before,
A person I can fall for, is that who doesn’t start a conversation with a greeting,
I got a weakness where my first impression comes when speaking starts,
There is a way, where the first word says a lot about a person,
I envision more of what I can achieve and definitely blind on seeing love,
Right now in life I perform all the time, so I concentrate on poetry,
I write more, listen more,
Then talk little just to keep the conversation going,
Right now in life, little things do not bother me,
I care more of my brother, my family and friends became family
Right now in life I won’t need your help,
I don’t want you thinking I owe you one….

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