Thevel.media; we are art and now we are invading @ your place

This city has raised buildings and stars, the star in me is not comfortable

You are a step away to love puns and activism💯


I have a way with words that is how I find a path to people’s hearts

Don’t investigate people like us, you will get lost in the findings

In future I am thinking of self employment, work on myself to be the reason why my friends smile

I have a clean skin but I have a tattoo inside my gene that comes out inform of words. If I write sense then it took me the sixth sense to come up with this.

How You Can Help

Thank you for visiting this blog. That is support enough to take us to another another level. Make sure you Get my first poetry journal on the link provided above, share this blog’s link and above all enjoy your stay.

Your😊 comments🗨, likes❤❤, shares💬 are highly appreciated💯💯

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What People Say

I am falling in love with your art


I love your poems



For visiting this page and being the one that helps in ensuring that talents are nurtured and dreams achieved.

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